ISOCARP YPP Workshop in Bodø, Norway

During the 54th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, I acted as team leader for the Young Planning Professionals’ workshop in Bodø (NO).

“As defined in the agenda of the 54th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, the future of civilisation now more than ever depends on the way we plan and manage our cities and towns. While this agenda calls for aggregate efforts to rethink sustainability, mitigation, resilience and adaptation, how we perceive urban form and urban flows appears as the major strategic fields of action in navigating the challenges of our urban future. Thus, the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop in Bodø searched for innovative and smart solutions to navigate planning through diverse forms of urban flows. The three case study areas of the workshop offered the potential to rethink urban flows based on connections and mobilities for a cooler and more connected Bodø.”

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